I just received this video from Contra-Mestre Ferpa and Obelix. Here is a link to download it. It was done in Portuguese so I added this brief explanation on Maculelê I wrote a while ago for a series of workshops. Abraços para todos!

Maculelê is a Brazilian folk tradition, heavily influenced by Caboclo Candomblé, a version of the African religion altered by Brazilian-Indian mythology, largely practiced amongst Capoeira groups. In its early days, Maculelê was a bellicose art, a strong dramatic manifestation practiced at the rhythm of drums and songs by tribesman who fought in groups using clubs. The main version accounting for this cultural manifestation explains that the term was forged from the agglutination of the words macua – Nagô tribe from Western Africa; and lelê – stick, club in malê language (Muslim of African origin). The Malês and the Macuas were enemies, hence, the suggestive play-on-words indicating a club strike from the Malês over the Macuas – MACULELÊ!. The most important maculelê practitioner was Paulinho Aluísio de Andrade, known as “Popó from Maculelê”. Popó did not separate the dance from the martial-art.