A tribute to Mestre Bimba

This post is tribute to Mestre Bimba, Manoel dos Reis Machado the creator of Capoeira Regional. He died on the 5th of February of 1974 in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. Throughout February homages to Mestre Bimba arises in form of Rodas, talks, and Church masses. The TV Show ‘De Lá pra Cá’ produced by TV Brasil (a Brazilian public channel) was screened on 21/11/10 and marked the early opening of these homages to the great Mestre (in Portuguese only).

Why is November the month of the Black Consciousness?!

Bust of Zumbi in Brasília. The plaque reads: "Zumbi dos Palmares, the black leader of all races." sourced from the 'Zumbi' wikipedia entry on 22/11/10

November 20 is remembered and celebrated among us as the Day of the Black Consciousness. In fact November is full of important references to the Brazilian Black community and to capoeiras all over the world. This is the reason why this month is also a contemporaneous form of protest among us. A protest because it’s celebrated by the Black community, as well as by other oppressed minorities, over the 13 of May, the day of the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil. November draws its symbolic strength from other important events, all somehow related to Capoeira; at least for those who see it as an art of resistance. The Revolt of the Whip; the death anniversary of Zumbi dos Palmares (20/11/1695) and of Mestre Pastinha (13/11/1981); and the birth anniversary of Mestre Bimba (23/11/1899) all happened in November, making off this month an important opportunity to debate and learn from such protests and historic events.

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Radio Soap Opera on Mestres Bimba and Pastinha

The IRDEB (Educational Broadcasting Institute of Bahia) is broadcasting a radio soap opera on Mestres Bimba’s and Pastinha’s lives (in Portuguese). This is the same Institute that produced ‘Capoeiragem na Bahia’, one of the most important documentaries on Capoeira done so far. IRDEB has put available an audio database with previous broadcastings. Continue reading Radio Soap Opera on Mestres Bimba and Pastinha