Jogo Aberto Narratives

Often after interviews and talks many of you guys came up with very nice thoughts and/or comments about the questions and/or different issues. I would appreciate if you could share them through this post. Though we won’t be able to use this in the documentary movie, I would still be able to use them in my research, or in future projects, after contacting you in this regard. Continue reading Jogo Aberto Narratives

Jogo Aberto Pictures


Picture sent by Mariola

Please, send me your best selection of pictures on 4capoeirathoughts_@_gmail_dot_com and I’ll add them to this post. I’ll also see if we can find someone to manage a Flicker account so that we can have all the pictures available.

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Jogo Aberto Song Book

Music is one of the main paths towards a better understanding of the cultural context from which Capoeira sprung from. It was a pleasure to see people sharing songs, their meanings, contexts and translations. Some were taking note of rhythm patterns and songs like real ethnographers. I’m sure some of you guys will play an important role in upholding the true values of Capoeira for the next generations.

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