Fundamentalism and Capoeira 3/3


This is the last post in which I will be discussing my thoughts on Fundamentalism and Capoeira based on an experience I had trying to cooperate with another group/style to collect data for my research.

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Fundamentalism and Capoeira. 2/3


Matters of authenticity are very often related to aesthetic values, socio-centrism, and market reserve. The concept is usually applied attempting to validate or to quantify one’s perspective or practice over somebody else’s. It is also frequently based upon myths of purism; an ironic approach for an interdisciplinary and intercutural practice like Capoeira.

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Jogo Aberto 7-14/03/2010


Jogo Aberto, our school’s next event, will be held from the 7th to the 14th of March at Fingal Head, NSW, Australia. The programme is packed with talks, discussions, documentary screening, and of course heaps of good classes and Rodas. Everyone is welcome! From new beginers to advanced students and teachers.

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