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Welcome to the 4 Capoeira Thoughts network!


If your visit to the 4 Capoeira Thoughts was thought provocative, you have already joined in. Now you just have to share YOUR thoughts.


This network is about thinking Capoeira philosophy, social inclusion, education, and intercultural learning. About thinking our relations with, and within the art; and most importantly its meaning and purpose in our lives and communities.


The easiest form of collaboration is engaging with (or creating) discussions around the written posts; critics, comments, and counter-arguments are all welcomed.


Through commenting on this page (see comments below) you can also:

  • suggest issues for new posts;
  • indicate social endeavours and experiences (community based projects, programmes, or activities involving Capoeira) you believe would contribute to our discussions;
  • indicate people for interviews (Mestres, teachers, artists, scholars).


For post submissions, please consider the following guidelines.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced and a statement of word length should be added to the end of the article (up to 800 words). Please, use single quotation marks (or double quotation marks within quotations), aligned margins, and single spacing throughout the text (with a space between each paragraph). Paragraphs should not be indented. Contributions must be referenced (as ‘Works Cited’) in MLA style, for example:

Assunção, Matthias. Capoeira: The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art. NY. EUA: Taylor & Francis Inc., 2005.

Please, submit your contribution electronically (via email attachment) in Microsoft Word or equivalent, and include brief author biography with submissions.

Editors E-mail:

Eurico Vianna:


As mentioned, the 4 Capoeira Thoughts is also an attempt to gather collaborators to co-edit an online Journal open to submissions. Whilst, we build our network of collaborators (practitioners, scholars, artists, and writers) the blog will be publishing in post format only.


If you would like to join the body of co-editors, please send me an e-mail with your brief CV (including Capoeira background, and other areas of expertise).


Thanks for joining in!



11 thoughts on “Join in!”

  1. This blog is a wonderful way to connect with capoeiristas across the world. I have been truly inspired by the Movimento Novo in Rio De Janeiro. It has opened my mind to another level of thinking about the art-form we all love. Please keep up the good work and continue this project.


  2. “The easiest form of collaboration is engaging with (or creating) discussions around the written posts; critics, comments, and counter-arguments are all welcomed.”

    I don’t mean to troll you or anything, but I have in fact attempted to give you cogent arguments and useful references to valid education research, and the fact that you’re deleting them means that the above statement is factually false. But I guess given that you’re under the influence of feminist postmodernism of defunct Australian academia means that facts don’t bother you. So disappointing.

    1. Hi Tom,
      None of your comments have been deleted. All comments do have to be approved before going online as a way to filter spams and, sometimes, even the written content of some comments. Just to clarify, this blog does need to be reformulated, as it’s no longer part of my research’s fieldwork (concluded almost two years ago). Having said that, all changes will be made so that it can still be a networking, learning and sharing platform for those engaged in Capoeira as as community development tool (and other related topics).

      Other notes need to be made given the content and tone of your last comment. 1) You didn’t give me cogent arguments and useful references. You’ve shared your arguments and references for the sake of discussing them in an online ‘forum'; 2) You cannot guess which influences I’m ‘under’ as you don’t really know me; 3) Given the tone of your comment and disappointment I believe there is no need for further discussion.

  3. There’s always need for discussion. I mean, you invite discussion on your blog and then get offended with the content and the tone when it doesn’t suit you. That makes no sense at all … unless you subscribe to a philosophy in which being consistent is irrelevant.

    My comments do not appear and that’s equivalent to being deleted (ie., not approved), apparently because of their content.

    Why aren’t my arguments not cogent? They address the points in what you write, they address the relevant issues, and they refer to academic literature. That’s as much as you can ask for on this sort of blog.

    Do you want me to give citations? I can certainly do that on request. In fact, I have put together a wiki on where I summarise some of the relevant literature, but you never asked.

    I have spent enough time in academia to be able to read genre and your style of writing is recognisable. Do you understand ‘genre’? It refers to the style of writing that you get when you spend too much time reading the same kind of stuff.

    I also don’t understand how you’re supposed to engage in critical discussion on your blog without treating it as a discussion forum. The problem is that if you do set up a discussion forum, you’ll behave like every other Admin who inevitably censors discussion in the desirable direction. That’s why forums are a waste of time.

    btw. Typically of academics you use your blog as a sounding board for your ideas without actually making any real effort to get beyond the ivory tower.

    Instead of pursuing another ill-considered project, my suggestion (another one … take the hint) is to read up on community of inquiry. Now, should I hand over the relevant references? Let me just think about that.

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