Come along to Brazil – Roda do Conjunto

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote. Much have happened since and I have plenty to share. Ely, a very old friend and coordinator of our school here in Brasília is involved in a Capoeira Angola movement that brings diverse lineages together in fortnightly street Rodas. Mestre Chocolate and Mestre King, from Salvador (Bahia) and São Carlos (São Paulo) respectively, welcomed Ely and took him as partner in the movement. Strong for a few years, their movement is now going through a phase of adaptation, since some of the other participant schools are currently re-structuring their own activities and because of that being more reserved for a while. This post shares some of my views and participation in their Rodas and meetings over the last few weeks. Continue reading Come along to Brazil – Roda do Conjunto

Catching up workshop – Come along to Brazil

Last weekend we had a special workshop with me as a way to catch up with friends and students. At the opening we all had a nice chat and I shared my concerns, ideas and experience working with progressive capoeiras abroad. We also talked about training methods and how I have been working with Capoeira over these last years. Mestres Carcará, Urso e Bom Sorriso came to support the event and share their views too. What follows is a summarised version of this last weekend. Continue reading Catching up workshop – Come along to Brazil

First Roda and class in Brasília – Come along to Brazil

As I told you I want to share my experience returning to Brazil after nearly 4 years living abroad with you all. These first days have been quite hectic catching up with family, friends and our school in Brasília. At my arrival with my kids we were welcomed by my mother and some special friends-students with a nice Forró at the airport. The security officers weren’t very happy, I must say… A day after Ely, an old friend and teacher who coordinates our school here, threw me a welcoming Roda in the very same hut I launched the Learning from Brazilian Culture program in the early 2000s. Continue reading First Roda and class in Brasília – Come along to Brazil