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Welcome to 4 Capoeira Thoughts Blog!

The 4 Capoeira Thoughts Blog is a not-for-profit initiative, set as part of the data collection for my PhD programme at the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas, Griffith University (AU). My research topic is “Capoeira and Social Inclusion in non-Brazilian Multicultural Centres”.

My name is Eurico Vianna. With nearly 20 years of practice I have a solid background as a practitioner. For the last 10 years I have been working as a Capoeira teacher holding regular classes, workshops, lectures and promoting events in several countries. In 2002 I started a non-profit organisation in Brazil through which I have been running Capoeira programmes fostering the social inclusion of youth in ‘at risk’ situation living in shelters. For more details on my professional background please visit the ‘About Me’ page on this blog.

My goal in setting the 4 Capoeira Thoughts Blog is to build an online network of social active capoeiras collaborating on issues of education, social inclusion, intercultural learning, and Capoeira philosophy. I also aim to gather collaborators to co-edit an online Journal open to submissions on the above mentioned matters.

The 4 Capoeira Thoughts is open to guest-authors approaching the social role of Capoeira. I aim to publish their posts; to interview people with similar initiatives; and promote community based endeavours using Capoeira as a tool.

There are two main advantages in partly basing my research on matters raised over the Internet. First, there will be no geographical barriers preventing multinational participation and the sharing of local experiences in diverse communities around the world. Second, practitioners’ posts and comments will be directly influencing the matters approached in my research, collaborating to discussions on education and social inclusion not only in different cities, but also within the Capoeira community.

The overall aim is to discuss the worldwide spreading of Capoeira; the global forces acting upon it; how practitioners are locally responding to these forces; and the art’s purpose as a potential educative and inclusive cultural practice. In addition, the Blog aims to give voice to the concerns of non-Brazilian practitioners about both their role in the spreading of Capoeira, and their roles as cultural agents within their local communities.

Please, check the Blog and feel free to drop some lines sharing your thoughts. I would also appreciate if you could spread the word out about my research to other capoeiras, related blogs and websites.

Welcome to our network of practitioners interested in learning and sharing more about Capoeira as a social inclusive and educative tool.



10 thoughts on “4 what?”

    1. Fantasma,
      I’m definitely keen to work with collaborators regardless of how this partnership will be established. For me it could be hosting guest authors, co-authoring, swaping links… As far as we work together to engage practitioners towards a broader sense of cultural identity; one more inclusive and purposeful to our communities.
      Instead of grasping Capoeira as a cultural practice empowering local expression, most people are developing ‘corporative’ versions of it.
      We must find those adopting actions against these market forces in order to increase THE PRACTISE of a inclusive and purposeful Capoeira.
      Thanks for your comments!

  1. Hey Eurico! Thanks so much for telling me about your site! I haven’t blogged for such a long time, but you have no idea how excited I am about this and I can’t wait to read everything that you’ve written/will write!!

    1. Oi Mandingueira,

      You’re welcome. I’m counting with you to make this blog an space of discussions and not a ‘information centre in english’ for non-Brazilian capoeiristas.

      This is a space to discuss our community’s issues openly, without hierarchies or flags.

      What about you posting an article on the difficulties women face in Capoeira due to sexism?

      Lets keep in touch!

  2. Interesting articles and really relevant in todays atmosphere of capoeira evolving in different directions, spreading throughout the world and colliding with different cultures and attitudes.

    I look forwards to reading more about these issues.



  3. Dear Eurico,
    Ariane told me about your blog, I am very pleased with it. I am very curious about the results of your research. I am glad to see that there is coming more and more research and interest on the social inclusion etc. of capoeira, because when I did my research in 2008 on capoeira(efffect of capoeira on violence and poverty) a lot of people were (and still are) very skeptical on capoeira and its effects. It was for me even impossible to do research about the differences and resemblances between ‘Brazilian’ capoeira and ‘European’ capoeira because capoeira was just a sport according to my professors. Moreover, there is hardly any research, and little is known about the side-effects of capoeira. Most scientist see capoeira just as a sport. Therefore it is absolute great that you started this blog and, started questioning and researching on the issues of education, social inclusion, intercultural learning, and Capoeira philosophy. If you need some help, count me in! I will read your blog with a lot of interest. Boa sorte!
    Marrit(tres pratos) (the Netherlands)

    1. Hi Tres Pratos,

      The idea of using Internet can enlarge a lot the geographical scope. And once it’s considered a public space, it causes less trouble with HRECs. More than about the results, I’m curious too to see what sort of issues capoeiristas from different countries will bring up, so that we can deal with them within our community.

      If we can spot what political and cultural forces are causing the practitioners’ struggle within the practice, and how they work, it’s likely that we’ll understand better how to use Capoeira as a social inclusive tool.

      As for your help, you’re more than welcomed. As a researcher and a capoeira, I’m sure your comments will be spot on. You can also indicate issues you find relevant for posts. And finally, I’m sure all the readers would be interested in reading about your research on Capoeira.

      How about writing a summary of it as a post? Or maybe a narrative of your difficulties approaching Capoeira within the western academia, also revealing your findings. How does that sounds to you?

      Looking forward in hearing from you.


  4. My friend C. M. Eurico,
    such a great work about capoeira.
    It’s really nice to know that you keep reseaching and practicing and spreading capoeira all over the world.
    For sure i will recomend this blog to all my friends and students. Hope to see you soon in capoeira life… Nas voltas do mundo…

    Boca Rica

    1. Boca Rica,

      Thanks a lot for supporting my work since the early days in Brazil! And now for encouraging my research and blog initiative. Please, don’t forget that the blog is open to guest posting! If you want to share your ideas and experience with our community, please, bring it on!!

      Soon I’ll be posting on Mestre Suassuna’s life, maybe we can cooperate somehow. What do you say?

      As you said, I hope that we can see each other soon nas voltas do mundo!

      Muito Axé meu Camará!!!

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