Capoeira, Samba and Brazilian Afro-Dance Workshops in Västerås 20-21/04/12

Next weekend I’ll be in Västerås for a workshop with Instrutor Chitão and Josi, both from MG, Brazil. The workshop is open and we’re expecting friends and students from other cities and countries as well. We’ll accommodate everyone in the academia and there will be lots of classes and Rodas de Rua for everyone to train and play.

Our school in Västerås owes much of its uplifting character to Obelix, a great capoeira and very supportive teacher. Obelix started our school together with Baqueta, Espião, Capacete, Coruja and a few others; most of them still playing. Our events there are always very well organised and filled with Axé, great Rodas and parties. As part of our cultural exchange and efforts to present Capoeira as a lively practice inserted in a broader cultural scenario, this year Josi will be teaching Samba and Brazilian Afro-Dance. These manifestations will surely help our younger students understand more about Brazilian culture, while those already involved with it enjoy themselves and develop their expression.

For more information about the event or bookings, please visit Västerås Capoeira website. I hope to see you there!

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