Beirut, os Sobreviventes e a Volta do Mundo

By George Haddad

Vinícius de Moraes, the Brazilian poet, composer and singer says that we don’t ‘make’ friends, we simply acknowledge that the friendship was already there as soon as we meet friends for the first time. This is exactly how I felt when I got to Beirut. The Sobreviventes crew made me so comfortable teaching in their programs that I felt like I was teaching in one of my own in Brazil.
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Beginners Workshop in Nambour (March 2012)

It was really gratifying to hold this ‘fresh-beginners’ workshop in Nambour. And thanks to Nina, we’ll be able to follow up these workshops regularly in the Sunny Coast. There has been a while since I last held workshops for fresh-beginners. I had almost forgotten how good it is to receive back all that energy of excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity from those hooked by Capoeira for the first time. It was very nice to have some of my older students teaching with me too. My students were happy to train, help, and play as usual. But we all got the most gratifying comments from the beginners. Despite coming from different backgrounds (we had a mixing of dancers, martial-artists, and sport-addicteds) most of them shared that they had a lot of fun, and that the workshop helped them understand that there are other very important dimensions to Capoeira, like the music, the interaction and playfulness.<!–more–>

They were also amazed by the fact that there are no gender, age, or weight divisions to play the game. Some of them actually asked for a family workshop next time; which already been organised. This kids can bring their parents along to have fun too (or vice-verse).

There were also comments about how the game works, how the ritual includes everyone, and, most importantly, how players can cooperate with each other building a playful game without ruling out the combative aspects of Capoeira. Given that we only had a couple of days together, I must say this class picked up some important concepts pretty fast.

I was very happy to spend that time teaching with my students, and to learn from the beginners how much fun they had with us. Nina, from <a href=””>The Free Spirit Dance &amp; Music School</a>, was very happy with the outcome too, so much so that she’s already organising a follow up workshop in the last weekend of March (March 31 and April 1). It’ll be good to give continuity to all that good energy and to initiate some other newbies again.