Capoeira Kids Program in Aotearoa NZ

Mestre Brabo has just launched a Capoeira Angola program for kids in his Academia and Cultural Centre in Auckland (Aotearoa NZ). He pioneered teaching Capoeira in NZ almost 20 years ago and ever since has been committed to teach and uphold the art-form’s philosophy. With a solid background in Education Mestre Brabo uses Capoeira Angola as a tool to address local issues in his Academia’s programs for children, youth and adults.

Mestre Brabo’s students are also very committed to Capoeira Angola and their whole group has lately tuned their approach of Capoeira Angola under the guidance of Mestre Jogo Dentro. Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa have, in my understanding, a special take in several important issues in Capoeira today. They have, as I said, found a strong local meaning and purpose for their practice. Something that couldn’t have happened if it were not for Mestre Brabo’s and Jogo de Dentro’s open-mindedness in dealing with ‘traditions’, ‘lineages’ and group affiliations.

Mestre Brabo and Mestre Jogo have always been supportive of my work regardless of Capoeira ‘orientations’ and affiliations. I also found very good frinds amongst Mestre Brabo’s students. If you’re going to visit New Zealand and want to play good Capoeira Angola while you’re there, check their website for classes, as they have centres in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. You can read more about the Capoeira environment in Aotearoa NZ, other groups and frindes I made in this post.

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