Bidna Capoeira: Where it all began

On February 2010 I posted an interview with Tarek ‘Laranja’, who would became the co-founder of Bidna Capoeira. The NGO, intended to enrich peoples’ lives in areas of conflict and poverty, is growing fast and already assisting youngsters in different countries. ‘Free for kids’, a project born even before the NGO is still been run in Syria, and despite the current turmoils in the area, they have been granted funds to extend their program in Palestina, where they currently provide Capoeira-related activities to nearly 500 kids. The short article that follows shares how it all begun.

Where it all began
Originally posted on Bidna Capoeira’s website on the 5th of January 2011.
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During the ride home from the no-man’s-land between Syria and Iraq, thoughts turned to continuing the great work they had begun. Ideas began to flow and all agreed that there was so much potential for capoeira to improve the lives of disadvantaged people, they had an obligation to continue.

In the following week Tarek, Patrizia, and Nadia were joined by Isaac Heinrich, Dan Harrison and Ummul Choudhury, three people with a passion for capoeira and immediate enthusiasm for doing more.

Why stop with this project? There is a need for more music, play and togetherness in almost everyone’s lives.

What a dream: teaching capoeira, and bringing moments of joy to thousands of people all over the world and in doing so helping to heal communities that deserve more.

The idea, our NGO, was born.

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