IV Aruandê Capoeira Festival – New Zealand 2-11/09/2011

Between the 2nd and the 11th of September Prof. Pererê will be celebrating 2 decades in Capoeira. The Aotearoa Capoeira Community is very special for its diverse and cooperative environment and Pererê and his students play a great role in it. If you like to play and train in a diverse and friendly environment, you can’t miss this event! Axé Pererê! Que venham mais 100 anos para celebrarmos juntos!!I’ll be joining this event along with Mestre Urubu Malandro (California, USA), Mestre Bira, Mestrando Armandinho (Brazil), Prof Júnior, Instrutor Mercúrio, Prof Zigue-zague and his awesome crew. You’ll find more information about these guests on the respective links, but for further details on the event, that takes place both in Christchurch and Wellington, please visit Aruandê’s website.

I first met Pererê when I moved to New Zealand in 2008 and ever since he has been a very close friend and source of inspiration. Our schools are in constant exchange and some of our students became close friends too. With our events we hope to welcome more friends into our network, hopefully inspiring other communities around to adhere Aotearoa’s open-minded perspectives on Capoeira.

Below I share Pererê’s invitation letter and contacts with you.



Christchurch 2-4 September 2011 – Wellington 8-11 September 2011

Axé Capoeiras,
Professor Pererê and Students are proud to announce the 6th Capoeira Festival New Zealand to be held in Christchurch and Wellington during the first two weeks of September. Capoeiristas from all backgrounds and groups in NZ and elsewhere are all invited! With international and local capoeira Mestres and teachers, the festival is looking to be very exciting with workshops in Capoeira, Samba, Maculelê and percussion as well as many discussions, batizados and rodas. This year we will be celebrating Professor Pererê’s 20th year of capoeira, this will be an event not to be missed!
Confirmed guests :
Mestre Urubu Malandro (USA)
Mestre Bira (NZ)
Mestrando Armandinho (Brazil)
Contra-Mestre Eurico (Australia)
Professor Junior (NZ)
Instrutor Mercúrio (NZ)

Full event participation means participation at both events with accommodation & food provided in Wellington only. Single event participation means participation at either Wellington or Christchurch events. The early bird price must be paid before Friday 19th August 2011.
Full Event Cost Early Bird: $250 Single Event Cost Early Bird: $150
Full Event Cost Door: $300 Single Event Cost Door: $200
Festival t-shirts are also available for an extra price of $30.
Please register as soon as possible so we can confirm numbers.
Registration forms are available on our website – www.nzcapoeira.co.nz

For further information, please feel free to contact either myself or Professor Pererê


Cai Cai – 02102722976 – caicaicapoeira@hotmail.com
Professor Perere – 0273678678 – perereoli@hotmail.com

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