A Book 4CapoeiraThoughts – crowdsourcing

I’m crowdsourcing to publish a selection of 4CapoeiraThouthts posts and comments in a book. You can help us inspire others capoeiristas to embrace ‘Social Capoeira’ in a few different ways. Have a read through, drop your ideas and get in contact.

The easiest way to help is simply browsing through published posts and comments, and sharing here those you would like to see in a Book. You’re more than welcomed to share ‘how’ you would like this book to come through; both style and content-wise.

If you happen to an editor/publisher and would like to come on board, we have a small team of friends working together to come up with: first, a manuscript; second, ideas for chapters; third, a proposal to be used for submissions. Maybe you are aware of publishing houses to which we could send our proposal, that’s another way to help.

We’re aware of North Atlantic Books and will send them a proposal too, but we also would like to explore other possibilities. For instance, we don’t think ‘A Book 4CapoeiraThoughts’ (a temporary title) should be lying in the bookstores’ sports section. We believe this book has potential to educate people and institutions involved with social development about the ‘Social Capoeira’ movement that is going on world over, and the art-form’s potentials to be applied in a multitude of community development programs.

I know from readers’ feedback and the increasing readership that the blog has been helping people to assess their practice and their take on Capoeira. We believe it’s time to reach out for more people and share our passion for Capoeira as an emancipatory and empowering practice. We would love to hear from you.

Obrigado e Axé!

7 thoughts on “A Book 4CapoeiraThoughts – crowdsourcing”

    1. Hey Jaguati!
      Thanks! I’ll contact Linda about reposting here article. But we’re mainly focusing our posts we’ve already published around here. Anyway, her works seems really cool and I’ll contact her.

  1. Hi Eurico,

    Just a thought. Perhaps you can attach a DVD to the book. Since you already have a lot of footage from all over the world, you can make video parts that match your written chapter themes. It will show visibly the evidence that came out of experience.
    I think if you want to target more audience for the book, esp. those whose who have never heard of Capoeira, a documentary style video may speak a thousand words, and communicate a lot of feeling.
    It’s like. You can write ten descriptive pages to me about what ballet is like. Surely, it will grasp my imagination. But if I see a ballet performance for a minute I am bound to be drawn into it.

    Let us know if we can help.
    Boa sorte!

  2. If I may share my thought Eurico, I used to work in a bookshop as Manager and maybe this can be of help.

    What makes a book unattractive to its reader? I will leave that questions for you to ponder.

    – layout –
    The book will have more “edge” if it comes in color, thick, with nice paper, and alot of pictures in it, it should not be to big that it could not fit a woman handbag, but it must not be small that the letter is hard to read.

    – concept –
    I can tell you that fiction book can attract quite a number of reader from different background, If you are aware with “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown it make a huge sell through out the world. So taking the concept, maybe you can combine pictures ( fan made arts, as well as real capoeira pictures ) with a selection of published blogs, a DVD as Lamiece pointed out, legendary capoeira stories and present day capoeira stories ( maybe find some foreigner who train capoeira or mestre who travel to foreign land), and include some voucher for free capoeira training.

    – Pricing –
    find the best price quality book come across pricy, but it will affect the demand for it, how many capoeirista out there can afford an expensive book?

    Axe Eurico..

  3. I like the voucher idea a lot Aria!!
    Maybe also a map which shows where there are established groups all over the world. That way you can find a group nearby and train with them.

  4. I’ve only just found this blog (via the Urban Ritual Facebook page) and am looking forward to exploring it – my initial thoughts are definitely in agreement with a DVD comment from Lamiece.

    Seeing capoeira adds so much more, especially if there are discussions on regional or angola; also hearing the music and seeing how the rhythm of the berimbau changes the game would add a lot. This would also appeal to people who are already quite familiar – who doesn’t like to watch a good roda?

    I did an interview on national radio in the UK, but after I’d given it, I felt I had to make a video too – there’s nothing like seeing it! http://youtu.be/Dky_Hm9QgK4

    Jaguati – thanks for posting Linda’s blog, that’s a great story!

    Eurico, good luck with the book!

    1. Thanks Kung Fu.
      I’m definitely looking into these options. But also I have to be focused and realistic as I don’t have many resources and these kind of projects demand a lot.
      Hope to see you around.

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