Another year is passed… Thank you for your support and participation!

Folks, another year is passed and I would like to thank all those who have been supporting my project and chats through this blog, that’s no longer my blog, but ours. Regardless of your religious background or even you’re atheist , I hope you find in Christmas the inspiration to resurrect from the harshest life struggles, always reinventing your self with ginga and creativity, levantando sempre mais rápido de cada rasteira da vida, but above all growing stronger and more confident to move with our quest of helping each other and our communities through our art-form.

At the moment I’m overwhelmed with work and won’t have much time to rest over the holidays, or any time at all actually. I’m preparing a series of posts on Capoeira-related social programmes to be posted over the next couple of months, and on top of that I’m also preparing (editing and subtitling) a series of interviews I gave in Brazil about the project Learning from Brazilian Culture; and editing the VPC institutional movie to make it available over the internet as well.

And as we only write, film, edit stuff, and discuss them online because we love Capoeira, I’m preparing an awesome event here in Coolangatta (Gold Coast Australia) with CM Itapuã Beiramar so that we can train and play a lot. You’re all invited and I hope you can really make it. During the event we’ll releasing the Jogo Aberto docco; a film packed with very interesting statements related to Capoeira and social inclusion.

As you can see I’ll be sharing heaps of new material over the 4CT in near future. This is my way to thank Capoeira for having made me the person I’m, and to thank all of you my friends; our bond grows stronger as learn together how to create a better world around us through our art-form.

Saravá!! Muito Axé para todos vocês!!!

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