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The ‘short bio’ that follows is a summarised and translated version of Mestre Decanio’s Capoeira Curriculum Vitae. He sent me his CV in November of 2005, when I was organising the national launching of Mestre Bimba – A Capoeira Iluminada in the Ministry of Culture in Brasília; unfortunately there was no funding to bring him over. In spite of Mestre Decanio’s absence, the event was a great success also launching the Volta Por Cima institutional movie.

Mestre Decanio was the spokesman of my Contra-Mestre graduating class ceremony in the Capoeirando 2004, in Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil. In these events organised by Mestre Suassuna, I had the pleasure of listening to his talks and chats many times.

Mestre Decanio’s books are one of the most instructive sources about Capoeira I ever read. His work is now available in English language; thanks to Shayna McHugh‘s amazing work of translation and love for Capoeira.

Angelo Augusto Decanio Filho, son of Dr. Angelo Augusto Decanio and Georgina de Barros Decanio, was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil on the 12th of February of 1923, and is married to Maria Isabel Pereira Decanio. Doutor Decânio or Mestre Decânio, as he is know in Capoeira, is a General Practitioner, University Teacher, and Capoeirista. Student of Mestre Bimba since 1938, Mestre Decânio also became his GP and surgeon. As a politically engaged capoeirista Mestre Decanio was the author of the first project for the regulation of Capoeira, at the time within the Brazilian Confederation of Boxing. Today Mestre Decanio is the President of the Technical Council of ABCA – Associação Brasileira de Professores de Capoeira (Capoeira Teachers Brazilian Association). Author of several books, among them The Heritage of Mestre Pastinha, The Heritage of Mestre Bimba, Talking About Capoeira, Dr. Decanio is also the editor the São Salomão collection, and the organiser and editor of Mestre Pastinha’s Manuscripts and Illustrations. first author in Capoeira to adopt a ‘copy-left’ policy to his work over the internet.

Mestre Decanio’s contact details:
Skype: decanio1923

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