Mestre Gajé “Viajando pelo Mundo” – video by CM Marco Antônio

In this short clip Contra-Mestre Marco Antônio, from Alto Astral group in Portugal, records Mestre Gajé’s latest songs. The video has English captions and it really worth watching. Coming from Recife, Pernambuco, Marco Antônio has a special take on the cultural side of Capoeira and Brazilian culture in general. Lately he has been sharing the knowledge and wisdom of his guests through the Jogo do Jogo TV, a project established to foster the understanding of the cultural contexts for non-Brazilian practitioners. Check it out, Marco Antônio has upload some English captioned videos lately. Continue reading Mestre Gajé “Viajando pelo Mundo” – video by CM Marco Antônio

A 100 years of The Revolt of the Whip – By Manuel Amaral

“Two characters that made history. One fought the abuse, indignity and humiliation suffered by sailors. The other fought for the liberation of slaves both in the Parlament and the press, as far as the abolition did not happen due to the slaves’ own hands.
Joaquim Nabuco and João Candido did not met in life. The first did not know about the latter’s existance. The latter knew the first. When they finally met one of them was dead, and the other was about to make history. …” Continue reading A 100 years of The Revolt of the Whip – By Manuel Amaral

Random Thought – Quoting Michelangelo

I know, you’re thinking ‘what the heck Michelangelo has to do with Capoeira?’.  Well, that’s why is a ‘random thought’… But the fact is that I heard Ken Robinson quoting him within in a lecture about his book The Element, in the context that we all ought to search for our inner talents and aim high with them. Having said that, all forms of art are somehow related…  and all those who have mastered so well their talents in order to express not only themselves, but all dimensions of humanity and nature, can teach us about our own art and quest for our inner talents. Continue reading Random Thought – Quoting Michelangelo