Capoeira groups: Instituition x Collaboration

I just finish reading Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody: How Change Happens When People Come Together. The book is about the revolution caused by social media in our daily group dynamics. The changes in communication patterns, services provision, collaboration, etc. is already happening. Much of his work enlightens current matters in our worldwide Capoeira community too. Continue reading Capoeira groups: Instituition x Collaboration

The internationalization of Capoeira

Should the acknowledgement of the large involvement of non-Brazilians capoeiristas today imply a detachment from the Brazilian culture and origins? The ‘internationalisation’ of Capoeira is a complex issue. In many of my talks and workshops, non-Brazilian capoeiristas share their concern about the underlying ethnic hierarchy in the Art. Many say things like: ‘The foreigners will always be treated as second-class capoeristas!” or “No matter how hard I try it’ll never be as if I was a Brazilian”. Continue reading The internationalization of Capoeira

Capoeira and Social Inclusion. Help the Project!

Whether you have something positive or negative to say about your experience in Capoeira, your participation is relevant to this project. Come and have your say about your concerns and experiences as a Capoeira artist, about the role of the Art-form within your community. Through discussions and comments we will learn more about the potentialities and shortcomings of Capoeira a social inclusive tool. Continue reading Capoeira and Social Inclusion. Help the Project!